The town

Bosa is a very old and unique  town

Bosa is a charming medieval town on the rives of Fiume Temo, the only fluvial town in Sardinia.

The town is dominated by the magnificent  Castello Malaspina and coloured by the little houses of ancient neighborhood of “Sa Costa”.

Still protected from the mainstream tourism and the urban stress, here you can live an authentic experience between the nature and spirit of this extraordinary island.


Alongside both southern and northern costal line of Bosa you can see the most untouched and wildest landscape of all Sardinia.

The last griffins on heart are nesting on these cliffs, away from contamination and urban life. From the tropical beaches of Tintizzos and Cumpoltittu up  to the north until the wild cliffs of Foghe to the south, everything makes it a perfect scenario for the motorcycle, bikes, trekking lovers, or simply for those who like to breath pure freedom.
Also  Bosa Marina beach is very comfortable and easy to access, just 2 KM from Bosa town center.

Art and Culture

Bosa is a very old and unique  town

Walking around the old town you will be fascinated by  San Pietro Extramuros church, one of the oldest in Sardinia, and the  Cattedrale  surrounded by the medieval street leading to the  Castello   everything around you , including the fishers mending their nets on the river, will seduce you and invite you to discover this new dimension.

New events are flourishing every and Sardina is rediscovering its past and creating its future alongside its guests. You cannot miss the centouries old mysterious “Carnevale”, or the festa of “Regnos Altos”, when the locals open their winery’s doors and their hearts to visitor.

Let yourself getting lost in the  magic of one of the most beautiful towns in the world.

How could you miss that?

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