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Our facilities

We have a variety of apartments and rooms located in various areas of Bosa, embracing the landscape and cultural richness that this fascinating city offers. Some of our buildings are located along the ancient central street, immersing guests in the historic atmosphere and lively energy of the city heart. Others, however, are located in panoramic locations, offering breathtaking views of the colorful roofs, the Temo river or the surrounding hills. Whether you choose the liveliness of the center or the tranquility of the panoramic areas, each building reflects the authenticity of Bosa, offering a unique and unforgettable experience.


Why should you visit Bosa

Bosa's history

Bosa, with its ancient cobblestone streets and historic walls, holds a thousand-year history that is reflected in the medieval architecture, castle, and traditions that still live in the hearts of its people today.

Bosa's cuisine

The cuisine of Bosa enchants the palate with its rich culinary tradition, where fresh ingredients and Mediterranean flavors blend harmoniously, giving an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

A town by the sea

The mediterranean sea caresses the golden beaches with its crystalline waters, offering an oasis of serenity where the intense blue blends with the wild coast, creating a timeless natural spectacle.

Our guests

"Excellent accommodation, central location, new furniture, well-kept and clean rooms. Simone, very helpful and courteous."

Luciano 🇮🇹

"Ideal apartment for visiting Bosa, well located, comfortable, clean"

Michel 🇫🇷

"The property was in the heart of Bosa. The apartment is very nice and has a large terrace. We loved it."

Carla 🇪🇸

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